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A Tribute to Lost & Delirious

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Entries: 79
01.05.2010 18:22, esme from acapulco guerrero E-mail :
es una pelicual que vale la pena ver, a mi me encanto.

18.04.2010 15:27, Maja :
Lost and Delirious is my favorite movie of all time. It really touches me every time I see it.
You made a great website, I'm guessing it must have taken alot of time and effort. Thank you for that. (:

04.04.2010 06:01, carrie karr :
loved this movie but it broke my heart. reminds me of my first love

29.03.2010 22:26, Nadir :
Preciosa película.. lo que lloré con ella T.T. La historia es muy buena, me encantó. Por ahora es mi pelicula favorita!
This film is.. so beautiful <3

12.03.2010 08:21, Emily :
Saw this movie when I was 12, about a year after it came out. It helped form my views on love that I still hold to this day. I found it on HBO OnDemand today and almost cried. This is a movie I will never forget.

03.03.2010 16:01, Bee :
Wow! and I mean WOW! its hard to believe what an amazing picture of love this was. So moving! you love who you love. and especially when 2 people love so strongly its like how can you deny them that... This movie was the PERFECT picture of 3 teenage girls trying to discover who they are and although it ends tragedy it leaves lasting impressions about the power of predjudice and the powers of the heart, the mind, and the words, thoughts, and feelings of others. a quick word to parents who may be looking at this site, THIS IS NOT A KIDS MOVIE!!!!!! This movie contains some deeply disturbing scenes, not gory or anything but just some of the umderlying messages are deeply disturbing and not meant for kids but meant for teens(17+) and their parents to watch together and talk about afterwards.

However all in all it was an awsome movie!
The best, saddest, and most moving story ever brought to film!

16.02.2010 22:57, marcie from TX :
I love Piper Perabo's performance in this film. it's very powerful and

22.01.2010 15:36, nanci from Irapuato, Mexico E-mail Homepage :
Tristemente estoy pasando por una situacion asi pero no trsite oir la persona si no por que esto no lo acepta mi famili

22.01.2010 15:34, nanci from Irapuato, Guanajuato. Mexico E-mail Homepage :
hola pues eh visto algunos videos de esta pelicula me parece perfecta y triste es una verdadera historia que asi pasa en la vida real pero esta muy buena lapelicula

19.01.2010 20:11, daniela from venezuela :
ciertamente siempre recuerdo esta pelicula, la manera de la directora de tratarla fue fabulosa, pasando por un remolino de sentimientos dentro de las protagonistas y es bonito saber que aun despues de tantos año sigo pasando por este foro y veo q aun personas comentan sobre ella.

06.01.2010 11:16, Jeremy from Victoria, BC Canada :
I first saw this when I was pretty young, and I am fairly certain it inspired lasting impressions on my feelings about love. I have always remembered it. I also still say Rage More on a regular basis.

27.12.2009 20:30, moshe from isreal E-mail :
the greatest movie that is ever been

27.12.2009 02:39, Analim :
amazing movie. i absolutely love it. it is one of my favorites. i remember the first time i watched it i was trying to figure out which of the three (polly, mary, tori) i was most like. i wrote i am polly, i am mary, and i am tori but none seemed right. then i wrote, i am lost and delirious and it was a perfect fit.

08.12.2009 17:03, Rob from Philadelphia, PA :
Beautiful film, deserves to be remembered.

30.11.2009 17:48, Stella from Biella,Italy :
I am a lost girl .. I love this movie .. the madness has made me understand many things .. taught me to love ..
Piper it's so fantastic!

23.11.2009 16:52, marcopiu82 from Italy E-mail :
I love Lost and Delirious ,Piper is my life.
Rage More

23.11.2009 00:48, lim :
alguien sabe como se llama la cancion que tocan en guitarra cuando mouse las ve por primera vez a polly y a tory besandose por la ventana????

11.11.2009 21:50, marcopiu82 from Milano Italy E-mail :
I love Lost and Delirious ,Piper is my life.
Rege More

28.10.2009 23:00, Alex from Connecticut, U.S.A. E-mail :
According to Stef, the person who makes this site happen, this is the new format for the guest book. So, from this longtime visitor, welcome! We look forward to all the comments of people who discover this great movie in the future -- either before or after discovering this site.

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Entries: 79
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