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A Tribute to Lost & Delirious

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04.07.2011 21:45, vyana slattery from grand rapids, Mi E-mail :
I love the "rage more" expression Paulie uses. I have developed a similar phrase: "Rage into Liberation." I am a writer and illustrator and it is one of the titles for of a chaper in my illustrated book as well as drawings for that chapter. I am sure Paulie/Piper would appreciate both levels of interpretation........she is magnificent!!!!

04.07.2011 21:03, vyana slattery from grand rapids, MI E-mail :
Spelling error, yes, it is Paulie......mind disconnected with
I will watch this movie is truly profoundly deep, and extraordinary; can't stop crying at the immensity of this movie experience....will be more creative now forever as well!
I guess "Stef" is the organizer: THANKS!!!!!!!

04.07.2011 20:53, vyana slattery from grand rapids, MI E-mail :
I forgot to mention that Piper is a Scorpio [we all can read that, but this is a 100% Scorpio movie]. I, too, am a Scorpio and we Scorpios feel the joys and pains of life on extremely deep levels. I, quite frankly, feel i am still in mourning after viewing the movie twice so far. It is so sad that none of the 3 girls had mothers or fathers........yet, Polly gave flight so that all of us could feel our spirit rise like the Phoenix in our everyday lives. I love this movie......i love life even more now. lol to all the performers. Also, why was there no commentary, or will there e ever be one? tribute!!!!!!!!!

04.07.2011 20:46, vyana slattery from grand rapids, MI/USA E-mail :
Yes, the greatest, most powerful movie that i have ever experienced. Piper projected her powerful cosmic emotional being completely. I am moved, transformed, and feel that i have suffered through her journey, and the other also
with Tori and Mary B. Each and everyday i will live better, deeper, and more lovingly because of their beautiful performances. lol

23.06.2011 20:29, Soophiie from FR :
Ce film est le meilleur que j'ai jamais vu. Franchement je n'arrête pas de le regarder, dès que j'ai quelques minutes, je regarde mes passages préférés. Depuis que je l'ai regarder pour la première fois, c'est-à-dire il y a environ 4 à 5 jours, je l'ai vu à peu près 6 à 8 fois (sans compter les fois où je n'ai regarder que les passages que j'aime bien) ^^ Et je ressens à chaque fois les mêmes impressions, les mêmes sentiments. Et je pleure toujours autant à la fin et quand on voit Paulie qui n'arrête pas de pleurer; ça me brise le coeur quand je la voit se jeter du toit. Souvent je me dis que si j'avais été à la place de Tory, soit j'aurait dit la vérité à mes parents, soit j'aurais continué de sortir avec Paulie en cachette mais en faisant plus attention pour pas que Alison les re-surprennent, ou alors, j'aurais eu le courage de m'assumer et de vivre heureuse avec l'amour de ma vie. Mais si ça s'était passé comme ça, je ne pense pas que le film aurait eu temps de succès.
Voilà, mais sinon je trouve que le site est particulièrement bien structuré et bien explicatif; félicitation à la personne qui la conçue.


*** Merci beaucoup, Sophie ***
09.06.2011 22:09, LD :
...Simply to thank you for this exceptional site. It's refreshing to see that so many peoples all around the world, and from different paths of life, have so deeply appreciated this marvellous film.
L&D it's pure emotion, a powerful narrative of crossing souls, friendship, hope, life and death: a troubling Masterpiece.
It's very beautiful to have the possibility to share these strong emotions here. Thank you, again.


Thanks LD! :)

After all the years it’s a real pleasure to read your nice and encouraging words.

I could not agree more to your words,

Take care,

23.05.2011 17:10, Jaffa :
This is my favorite film, i'm studying film and TV production and this film inspires me to want to create something as amazing, beatitiful visually and emotionally.

I can not stress how much this film has changed my view on making films and as a woman i have a mass resect for this. I relate to paulie and i felt every emotion throught the film.


love it with all my heart...

10.04.2011 23:22, Chantal from Canada :
For what is it that we are living? Of what is the basis of religion? Love. Love? Is it love? Or is it just, living? Or have you truly have lived with the absence of love. Answerless- life is answerless. Love- "...because love is. It just is..." ~P

This was true art. Speechless. <3

04.04.2011 10:51, shala :
I watched this movie and I can't stop thinking of it and listening to the soundtracks, especially River Waltz-Lost and Delirious .. such a moving picture of love and how many try to follow the established rules.

I feel so connected to this movie and specially Paullie character. I have had many gfriends, I mean just friends, and they have often left me for boys and for the sake of being like the rest of the world, getting married. It is particularly difficult when you don't have anything else to loose and maybe this is the last one. So I can feel that I feel how Paullie felt. the only difference was maybe the feeling that even when all the beloved ones are gone, i can breath just for the sake of life and no more expectation.

03.03.2011 21:19, Nastia :
Amazing movie. I adore it with all my love. Piper's acting is flawless.
p.s. Paulie, babe, I love you <3
p.p.s I'm really grateful for creating this beautiful site.

15.02.2011 17:57, Tamora from Odenton, MD :
absolutely an all time favorite. I cry everytime Tori throws Paulie's love away.

30.09.2010 23:37, J :
I have watched this great movie about a dozen times. And it more and more became apparent to me that there are some realy extraordinary things about it.

It has to be said that about 90% of what makes this film so deeply touching for so many people has to be atributed to piper perabo's acting. That so many people can identify with paulie proves what an amazing job she has done with her performance in this movie. If that wouldn't have been so, i think most people would consider paulie to be an unsympathetic character with some kind of serious psychiatric the end she even behaves agressively towards her friend mary B. That in spite of her agression and obvious madness in the end, people still can identify so much with her is definately an extraordinary achievement.

This movie is very clearly made with great dedication and passion from almost everybody involved: The music fit's the atmosphere so well, the acting is great and the way it's being directed and filmed is just beautyfull.

I like this site. As somebody who's not a native english speaking person, most of the shakespeare stuff just sort of went over my head, i must admit. This site helped me apreciate the script of the movie much more. The shakespeare quotes started making more sense to me because of it.

09.09.2010 12:25, Raptorf :
A wonderful site dedicated to a beautiful film. I have no words to describe my emotions, it struck me so much. I wonder if it's possible to have also an Italian version of this site, it would be very nice. I like the idea of a possible sequel where the protagonists are always Tory, Mary and Paulie. Yes, im "my" sequel Paulie is alive. In fact, at the end of the film Paulie falls but we don't see her body, but only the raptor's fly. We imagine she's dead but we don't see her. Paulie survives for a kind of miracle after a long coma. I can't accept her suicide. She's an heroine, she represents the purity and strenght of true love. I hope Lea Pool wanna do a sequel, a kind of L&D ten years later, with remebers of the past, new adventures with the three charachters. I dream it...Sorry for my bad English.


Dear Raptorf, thanks a lot for your inside thoughts on the movie, the nice words about the site and your suggestion to create an Italian version. It for sure would be very nice, but same time requires a lot of efforts and time from someone willing to spend days and weeks to translate everything. So unless somebody will do all the translation as a tribute to the movie, i think the current language versions will be fine. *Stef
01.08.2010 06:00, Ivan Avery Frey from Toronto E-mail :
A truly wonderful heart breaking film.

28.07.2010 15:39, Tracey from Gibraltar :
I absolutlely LOVE this movie!!! Its one of my faves!! I'm totally in love with Paulie (and Piper)...I can relate to this movie as I know totally how she feels! Something pretty much the same happened to me....I was so heartbroken and almost did the same thing...lucky the dark cloud lifted and here I am :) I would never ever leave Paulie no matter what...I think she is absolutely gorgeous..would have melted the minute she popped out from behind that statue!! ;) PIPER PERABO you are GORGEOUS and I love the work that you do...i think you have amazing talent not to mention a smile that would lighten up anyone's day XxX Eres guapisima, me encantas!!

04.07.2010 20:16, Jeff from Ottawa, Canada E-mail :
Got my L&D DVD this past week and watched the movie last night, the first time since 2002. What an excellent movie, even better than I remembered. I was almost moved to tears a few times thanks to the performances. One of the great Canadian films!

26.06.2010 19:47, Jeff from Ottawa, Canada E-mail :
Great site! I saw this movie back in 2002 and enjoyed it a lot, but after going through your screencaps, I was reminded how moving the movie was and the fine performances by Piper, Jessica & Mischa. I think I'll have to search for this on DVD...

31.05.2010 02:03, MaYrEx from Lima - Perú E-mail :
this movie... yeah.. is so amazing i have not words to decribe it. i like every part of this movie, in my country was so difficult to buy it but finally i bought it since i have this movie i see it every time that i can, love Piper!! i hope to meet u someday!!! if u could read this.. would be fantastic. thank u !! this page is increible! this movie deserves a tribute!! thank u a lot!! im sure no matter how many years pass this movie always, yes always will be in our hearts!! LD!!!

10.05.2010 19:34, Danielle from The Netherlands E-mail :
Never a movie made me cry so much as this movie.
The movie knew how to let me feel how Paulie does.

Im deep touched by this movie

01.05.2010 18:30, esme from acapulco guerrero E-mail :

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Entries: 79
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