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A Tribute to Lost & Delirious

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Entries: 79
14.04.2012 01:50, Juan Jose Morales-Castillo from Lutz, FL E-mail Homepage :
Early in 2011 I read a really lovely fanfic in which Paulie recovers from her fall, Tori returns to her, and at the end of the three chapters they are planning to marry.
Unfortunately I cannot find the website that has that story. I'll be EXTREMELY GRATEFUL if you can find it for me, as I want very much to read it again and put it up in my collection of favorite reads.

30.11.2011 10:35, Mario R. E-mail :
Love this movie, it's sad at the end but it's still good.

17.11.2011 04:52, nathan from hamilton ohio E-mail :
Everybody says your not
Invited, on the outside
Looking in, floating but
Still not smiling, stay
On the outside they cry,
You don’t belong.
Always misunderstood, how I
Long to be yet understood,
Little devils dancing swirling
Round me circling, up high
Without a parachute.
Couldn’t find any candy to
Eat, eating sunflowers to
Feed the lonely pain, through
Rain drops and gold dust, endless
Storms in spring, butterflies
Stuck in spider webs pulling off
My wings. . . (for-paulie-rage-more-)

17.11.2011 04:44, nathan from hamilton ohio E-mail :
Yet unknown that part
Buried beneath cold snow,
From out the darkness
You brought warm sunlight,
These verses.
Exchange with me your fingertips,
Run your fingers down my spine,
I’ll run my nose and lips along
Your stomach, slowly kissing
Every sweet inch.
Weightless my breath of
Inspiration, possessing everything
I’m not, conquered I lie between
Your half spread wings, my poetic
Soul… (this poem is for paulie-n-tori)

16.11.2011 16:05, nathan from hamilton ohio E-mail :
Ive never understood why I love this film so much
Its always been one of my guilty pleasers im a poet

11.10.2011 02:03, Jesse James from Melbourne, Australia E-mail :
This was the first movie too ever make me feel something, anything. And now I can't let go it, its the reason passion corses through my veins.

06.10.2011 22:52, Mario R. :
I love this movie and the three main actresses. Keep it up, love you girls.

06.10.2011 22:50, Mario R :
Also. my zodiac sign is between the zodiac signs of the main actresses. Piper's a Scorpio, Jessica's a Sagittarius. mine's a Capricorn, and Mischa's an Aquarius.

06.10.2011 22:28, Mario R. :
Piper, Jessica and Mischa are so cute and talented in this movie. They did a wonderful job here, their acting is flawless. Great job girls!

06.10.2011 22:23, Mario R. :
I wish Paulie and Tori got back together. They were so cute together.

06.10.2011 22:21, Mario R. :
Also, out of all the three actresses, I like Jessica Pare, she did a wonderful job playing Tori where she had to choose between her consevative parents and Paulie. It was very hard for her to do that but it's sad that Paulie didn't take it well after Tori left her because her parents would find out. It's sad that even Mary B. couldn't help Paulie and that Tori left her that made Paulie do the untinkable. Jessica Pare did a wonderful job in this movie and I think I'm already fell in love with her.She is gorgeous. Mischa Barton and Piper Perabo were also great in this movie along with her.

06.10.2011 22:09, Mario R. :
I came across this movie not too long ago, even though it came out years ago, but it's a very good but sad movie. I wish Paulie and Tori got back together after what happened. Piper, Jessica and Mischa did wonderful jobs in their acting. Their acting is flawless. Good job girls!

18.09.2011 23:55, Forever :
I can't lose you.

18.09.2011 23:06, Something Like Raptor :
I still feel the same way, penguin.

01.09.2011 08:42, jsmelle from philippines E-mail :
wonderful movie...the best movie i've ever seen...i love it..

19.07.2011 22:57, Vannesa Diaz from MEXICO E-mail :
Simplemente hermosa y tragica a la vez... Pero iia diria Ernesto Sabato "El amor ansía lo absoluto, causa por lo cual todos los grandes amores son trágicos y de alguna manera terminan con la muerte"... y Poly amaba a Tory...
Hace mucho k vi esta peli y no me kanso de seguir viendola... Para kien gust aki dejo mi korreo... I_LOVETATU_GIRLS@HOTMAIL.COM

11.07.2011 23:27, The Weathermaker from Austria :
Still loving this movie. Its also funny to see that my old guestbook comment was from 2004 :-) kinda feelign old now :-))) Keep on rocking!!

09.07.2011 20:23, Graziano from Trentino - ITALY E-mail :
Bellissimo film accompagnato da canzoni altrettanto belle. I love Piper Perabo.

09.07.2011 03:22, vyana slattery from grand rapids, MI E-mail :
I just answered my own question: i just clicked on "movie"
and got lots of answers.......this is quite a website!!!
Tribute may even be an understatement! Ha!

09.07.2011 02:24, vyana slattery from grand rapids, MI E-mail :
Hi Stef,
Since there was no commentary.......has anything like that ever been broadcast by the director or the actresses that you are aware of? Even, maybe especially now, with so much hindsight about the impact of this extraordinary movie!
Thanks! V-ya-na

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Entries: 79
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