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A Tribute to Lost & Delirious

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Entries: 79
30.03.2017 21:14, Ima Gi Ne from South Africa E-mail :
I watched it out of boredom because I don't normally watch movies to the end. I was so emotionally impacted by it. For hours I couldn't stop thinking about them. Ended up watching it a second time that day. Next day I wanted to watch it again but had to work. Didn't know why it impacted me so much. Now a week after watching it I searched on google for it and found this site. I see so many people felt the way I feel and connected with them. Amazing movie, made me so emotional and I loved the feeling. I just wanted to sit for hours thinking about the movie and feeling the emotions. I love the way people who commented in the guest book left their email addresses so they could chat to other people about the movie because it had touched them so much

25.10.2015 17:53, Do from France :
Excellent film, sûrement un de mes préférés. Lost and Delirious est vraiment marquant, on a envie de le voir et le revoir. Il est puissant et on ne peut pas s'empêcher d'y repenser après l'avoir vu.
Je viens de découvrir ce site qui lui est dédié, j'ai hâte de le parcourir. Je vai tout lire avec attention, je suis sûre qu'il répondra à une partie de toutes les questions que je me pose à propos du film. Merci pour toutes les informations disponibles. :)

19.01.2015 02:44, Dana :
wow, I was looking for something else to watch from Piper Perabo since Covert Affairs was cancelled and found Lost and Delirious to check out. It's an excellent film. Gorgeous. Beautiful film. All the girls were heartbreaking, Piper especially carried the heaviest burden, and totally rocked. I can't believe this movie didn't get more awards.

17.01.2015 03:05, vyana E-mail :
I just felt like pdating my long ago responses. It is now January, 2015, and, YES, this movie is still my lifetime was a transformational happening for me that continues to evolve every time i reflect upon it, the story, the music [truly haunting-profetic at the beginning], and the brilliance of Piper!!!!!!

24.12.2014 20:48, Becca fro CA :
I also wanted to pay tribute to this beautiful film that was so underrated. Everything about it was wonderful. The Directing, the Cinematography, the Music and especially the young actors. I don't think I've seen Mischa do anything so sensitive since, Jessica too. And well, Piper was absolutely brilliant in the role that was so demanding and visceral. I love this movie. Thanks for creating this site, which I found by accident and read all the sincere comments from others who loved this film like I did.

06.10.2014 16:24, young falcon :
i can't stop thinking about this film. I forgot to thank the web site owner of this site. Thank you so much for this gift. I hope this site remains a tribute for many years to come. It was such an over looked film, that touches and moved so many. Thank you for creating this site.


You are welcome. :) So far, no intention to close the site at this time. Rage more...
05.10.2014 17:28, young falcon :
I am haunted by this film, made too early to be truly appreciated. I hope others will come to it, however small in numbers to join with us few. "We few." This few will not be forgotten by those who see it. Nor forget the youthful, and sometimes, the tragedy of a first and head long love, wild with abandon. Major kudos to all involved, and particularly, to the three young actresses for their amazing performances.


Thanks a lot for the thoughtful guestbook entry, much appreciated. Even tho a lot of time past by and life leaded the main actresses in different directions, i think Lost and Delirious will for all time remain as a unique unforgetable masterpiece of a movie.

09.05.2014 06:41, Justine from Australia :
I believe and have been personally shown that Lost and Delirious can change and enrich lives (it has mine) and also some incredible friendships can be made through our love for it. Rage More!

27.04.2014 19:38, touchyfeely E-mail :
This site is one of just few places on the internet where I feel like at home. It is like a small island fighting storms and waves, and containing a lighthouse to all of us in need of rescue (or remembering the rescue).
So, I'd like to thank to all of you that are still keeping it work, I am very grateful to you for providing a safe place for lost girls and boys (who still remember how to be delirious).
As for me, this film is the single most important one in my life. It has broken my heart, but also gave me inexplicably important experiences and insights.
It will always be a part of me. To paraphrase: "Its sounds, its whispers... its shadows became kind of, well, just like part of my dream or something."

18.12.2013 20:04, Death Star :
The only thing that I wished in this movie was that Jessica Pare have more screentime because she doesn't get to do any important scenes and we don't see her very much but overall, the performances were great.

22.10.2013 04:17, J :
Man, I love this film. I keep watching the first half over and over again but can't bring myself to watch the end again. I actually get weird bouts of catharsis thinking about the end. Sometimes, I fantasize about Paulie surviving the fall and reconciling with Tori. I've dreamt about a scene where Paulie wakes up in a hospital with Tori by her side. True love at its finest.

On another note, it's sad that Jessica Pare did that cameo in Hot Tube Time Machine. She's a great actress, and deserves better work.

09.09.2013 16:09, Bob Junt from Indianapolis, IN :
Rage more.

25.08.2013 20:33, Gary from St. Louis, Missouri :
This has to be the only movie that I can't get out of my head (not that I want to!) ever since I first saw it so long ago! I, too, was ecstatic when I read the fanfiction where Paulie survives her fall and reconciles with Tory! It was so good to read Mouse saying the things to Tory that I kept yelling at the tv on later viewings of the movie! My eyes have just teared up again thinking about the movie and the fanfiction. So glad that this site is still here! I'd love to see them do the sequel where Paulie lives and they do reconcile and get married!!!!

25.07.2013 00:54, Martin Dionne E-mail :
My favoraite movie ever. I dont know why this movie touch me like this. I hope this website will never die Thanks !!!

10.06.2013 00:29, Serina from Holland Homepage :
hi there!!
I find it amazing that this website is still online! I found it short after watching the movie, must be in 03/04 can't remember. After all these years i still love this movie, it always makes me cry. I like how my send in "art" is still online. Watched it again yesterday and i made a few gifs that you can watch on my website. Be free to use it!

02.11.2012 20:06, vvyana E-mail :
Hi Stef.........just thought i would check out the Tribute page again...........Yes/Yes, Lost and Delirious is the best movie ever.......continues to transform my life daily........touches my heart: forevert is as near as your Heart.


Hey Vyana, thanks, that is so nice of you! Yes, Lost and Delirious is the best movie ever and that is why i still keep this site.

I guess the movie has incredible power and truly enriches our life and makes the world a tiny bit better. :)

May this stay this way for ever and all times.

28.07.2012 22:31, Ron from Holland :
Indeed the best movie ever made. Deals with the essence of unconditional love. I think people who believe in that are dying species. I also know how ite feels to loose it. But it is like P. states: Love is

25.05.2012 13:05, nathan from hamilton ohio E-mail :
The Rapters Wing
= intwined our thoughts skin on skin, with warmth
Of joy we spirits swim, through fingers kiss ones
Hand extend, from my lips to yours I touched
Her face again.
With joy ones warmth my spirit sought,
Through glow her dreams us lovers
Caught, there fly across forever free,
On shouldered stars the rapters
Wing =

13.05.2012 00:20, Juan Jose Morales-Castillo from Lutz, FL E-mail Homepage :
I have found the fanfic I was looking for:


Hi Juan Jose,

that is really awesome! I guess the direct link to the story is: .

Congratulations for your research!

23.04.2012 20:09, moi :
every time i watch it
i feel love and it just touches me so... i can't even express. this film is so beautiful.

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Entries: 79
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